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Congratulations to our 2024 Pushcart Prize Nominees!

Ancient Paths is thankful for all of the talented poets, writers, photographers, and artists who have made this publication possible. This year, Ancient Paths has nominated four poems for the Pushcart Prize:

“Easter Sunrise Mass” by Carolyn Martin

(published April 9, 2023)

“Escape Proof” by Todd Sukany

(published April 5, 2023)

“Baby and Childcare” by Ana Doina

(published May 13, 2023)

“On Notre Dame, Burning” by Greg McClelland

(published June 10, 2023)

Each year, the Pushcart Prize welcomes nominations (print or online) from little magazine editors and small book press editors throughout the world. Nominations are submitted between October 1 - December 1 each year.

Bill Henderson, Publisher and Editor of Pushcart Prize, writes that "the small presses and authors we honor have flourished. The reason? Spirit will never be quelled, certainly not by big bucks and bluster. Each edition of the Pushcart Prize is evidence of this. Many new presses and dozens of new authors emerge annually and are honored in classrooms, bookstores, and libraries around the world. And so the Pushcart Prize has been renewed since our first edition in 1976. We celebrate this renewal every year.”

Winners will be published in The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, but it is considered an honor in the small press publishing world simply to be nominated. Good luck to our Ancient Paths nominees! To read this year’s nominees, visit the Ancient Paths archive..

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