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When The Heart Is Laid Bare, a literary romance

"Jacob Markwood could give Mr. Darcy a serious run for his money in the romantic lead department... Conviction is a must read for any Jane Austen fan."

Sara Mills,
Christian Fiction Review Newsletter

"...wonderful...The characters are rich (and believable for the Regency period); the plot is delightful, and you'll find Georgiana Darcy to be a moving heroine. Even if you haven't read Pride and Prejudice, you can still enjoy (and love) Conviction."

A sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: Conviction

POD-DY Mouth

Pride and Prejudie Sequels: An Unlikely Missionary by Skylar Hamilton Burris

"…deep and thought-provoking…Austen fans will not be disappointed. An Unlikely Missionary is believable and sweet."

Long and Short Romance Reviews

A Greater Sound by Far: a collection of poems by Skylar Hamilton Burris

"….sonnets, couplet rhymes, ballads, and free verse, pretty much all roughly equal to best in genre. Five stars…A Greater Sound by Far is an exceptional work. Highly recommended." 

Jim Bennett,
Kindle Book Review

"As always, Ms. Burris's representation of Austen's characters is flawless and her new additions are well-drawn and intriguing. I greatly enjoyed the twist at the end of this story. It caught me completely off-guard."

Pride and Prejudice Sequels: The Strange Marrage of Anne de Bourgh and other short stories

Austenesque Reviews

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