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"As always, Ms. Burris's representation of Austen's characters is flawless and her new additions are well-drawn and intriguing. I greatly enjoyed the twist at the end of this story. It caught me completely off-guard."

Austenesque Reviews

"[T]he story line is etched well and all the characters are perfectly described...The twist at the end makes the read exciting. The story is romantic, and peppered with humor that makes it enjoyable." 

Mamta Madhavan,
Reader's Favorite

Popular sequels to Jane Auten's Pride and Prejudice: The Strange Marriage of Anne de Bourgh

When Mr. Collins leaves his living at Rosings for a higher calling, a lascivious new rector takes his place. Mr. Darcy fears this new, handsome man of the cloth has designs on his sickly cousin Anne. The gentleman races to rescue her from a fate worse than death: marriage. 

In addition to the title novelette, this collection also includes three Pride and Prejudice inspired short stories that offer playful glimpses into the future life of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. 

These short Regency romance selections will provide you with an enjoyable introduction to the writing style of Skylar Hamilton Burris. 

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