Ancient Paths Literary Magazine Issue 16

Please Note:

Ancient Paths is temporarily closed to submissions as we work through a backlog of submissions. Please do NOT submit work at this time. The submission period will re-open in November, at which time we will be considering Advent-themed submissions.  


What We Publish:

Ancient Paths publishes poetry, flash fiction, photography, and art work.

We do not publish articles or devotions. We welcome works by contributors of all religions, but you should be comfortable with having your work appear in a predominantly Christian publication. Works published in Ancient Paths explore spiritual themes such as redemption, sin, forgiveness, doubt, faith, gratitude for the ordinary blessings of life, spiritual struggle, and spiritual growth.

Payment & Rights

Contributors grant Ancient Paths electronic rights. If accepted, your work will appear on the Facebook page, after which it will be archived on the blog. You are free to republish your work elsewhere provided the other publication accepts previously published works.  

Payment for publication is $1.25 per work. Payment can only be made by PayPal, but you may choose to waive payment and your work will still appear.


Send poetry of 12 to 60 lines. Be sure to title each poem. Poems may be rhymed or unrhymed, free verse or formal. Send up to five poems at a time.

Do not submit the following:

  • Concrete (shape) poetry  

  • Highly inaccessible or overly academic poetry

  • Poetry that uses non-conventional capitalization or punctuation, such as the lowercase “i” for the personal pronoun

  • Poetry that is centered

  • Anti-Christian or anti-religious poetry

  • Poems with explicit sexual content or foul language

  • Poetry with forced rhymes that make the verse sound unnatural

  • Overly moralistic or "preachy" poetry


Send short fiction or flash fiction of 100 to 1,500 words. Most genres are acceptable, but literary fiction and contemporary, mainstream fiction will be given preference. Do not submit the following:

  • Devotions, essays, or other nonfiction pieces

  • Overly moralistic or "preachy" works  

  • Stories with vulgarity or explicit sexual content

  • Stream-of-conscious writing

  • Re-tellings of Bible stories


Submit original artwork or photography as a .jpg or .gif attachment. Please title the work and identify the medium in your e-mail (pen and ink, photography, pencil, etc.).  

How to Submit:

Ancient Paths is temporarily closed to submissions.

E-mail all submissions to No cover letter is necessary.

Paste poems and flash fiction directly in your e-mail message. No attachments except for art work and photography.

Use the subject heading "Ancient Paths Submission." If you do not use this heading, your work may be deleted as spam.

Simultaneous submissions and previously published works are welcome, provided you have rights to the work.  Please indicate if your work has been published elsewhere.

Submissions Calendar:  

Ancient Paths is temporarily closed to submissions. The typical calendar is below.

Ancient Paths considers general submissions year round, but if you are submitting works on holiday themes, please adhere to the calendar below.

Thanksgiving themes - Submit September 15  - November 5

Advent themes- Submit October 1 - November 15

Hope, peace, love, joy, expectation, events leading up to the birth of Christ, repentance, reflection, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth

Christmas & Epiphany themes -  Submit November 1  - December 5

Christ’s birth, incarnation, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, light, joy, giving, magi, journeying, manifestation of the divine

Lent & Holy Week themes-  Submit January 1 - February 15

Repentance, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, triumphal entry, the Passion, Last Supper, Crucifixion, darkness, spiritual struggle, doubt, forgiveness, Passover, Exodus, Easter, Resurrection, light, joy, celebration, rebirth, Ascension, mercy, new life, spring

Mother's Day themes - Submit April 1 - May 5

Father's Day themes - Submit May 1 - June 5

General Submissions -  Submit anytime.

Ancient Paths Submission Guidelines