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The Pushcart Prize has reprinted thousands of selections from hundreds of small presses.  It is considered an honor simply to be nominated.

2020 nominees

“Texan Kahuna Cracking Pecans” by Brian Billings
“The Better Part” by Elizabeth Dolan
“This Year in the Catacombs” by Reverend Wendy MacLean

“The Lord is Not Slow” by Bruce Gorden
“Vernal Equinox” by Frank De Canio 

Read all of the poems nominated in 2019 in this blog post.

2019 nominees

  by Sam Hickford
“A Marriage in Beds"  by Brian C. Billings

“The Red Road" by Deborah Guzzi

“The Night Shift" by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya
“May It Not Come Undone" by Kimberly Rivers
“God’s Language”by Peggy Turnbull


Read all of the poems nominated in 2019 in this blog post.

2018 nominees

"Aquacate" by Douglas Brandow
"God's New Clothes" by Edward Ahern

"Carrying Books" by Damian Jay Clay

"A Garden of Eden" by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya

"Amala" by Andy Conner

"A Thank You Note, Sixty Years Later," by Derek Kannemeyer

Read all of the poems nominated in 2018 in this blog post.

2012 nominees

“Heyschasm” by Adam Hughes  
"How I Loved the Way Sister Hooked Up" by Liz Dolan  
"At Pentecost Every Spring" by Susan Maxwell Campell  
"Blocking Football at Godfather's Pizza" by Todd Sukany  
"Cool Spring Street" by Peter C. Venable  


2010 nominees


“Easter in the Cancer Ward” by Nicholas Samaras  
“The Wars One Cannot Win” by Carol A. Oberg 

“Study War No More” by Paul David Adkins  
“The Wild Swan” by Edoardo Albert  
“The Aubade” by Mark McKenna  


2009 nominees

"Who Will Come to Save Him Now?" by Barry North  
"At Either End of the Web" by Regina Murray Brault 

"Ezekiel" by Katie Manning  
"The Last Breakfast" by Anne Sheldon  
"Lament" by Diane Rosier Miles  
"A History Lesson" by Mark Clark

2006 nominees 

"A Guide for the Perplexed" by Frederick Zydek
"Hymn" by Richard B. Patterson
"As Days Go By" by Ida Fasel
"After His Fall" by Ruth Linnea Whitney
"Blessings" by Taylor Graham
"Hostage: Thoughts in Solitude" by Mary Rudbeck Stanko

2005 Nominees

"Flying" by William R. Hincy 

“Paradise” by Julie Iven  
“Paper Losses” by Martha Crotty  
“There is a Season” by Joy Resor 

“Grass Beside the Church of St. Francis Xavier" by Arthur Powers  
“Plants that Don’t Bloom” by Edward J. Riley  

2004 Nominees

"Hide and Seek" by William J. McGill  
"Marriage of the Prophet" by Paul David Adkins 

"Statue in the Garden" by Newton Miner  
"Last Time I Saw Her Was a Year Ago" by Louis E. Bourgeois  
"Cracked Roots" by Catherine McCraw  
"Agave" by Jendi Reiter  

2003 Nominees

"Salamanca" by Colleen Keating (Spring 2003, Issue 10)
"Job's Wife" by Helene Barker Kiser (Spring 2003, Issue 10)
"Hosea" by Nancy A. Henry (Spring 2003, Issue 10)
"Emeritus" by Paul Willis (Fall 2003, Issue 11)
"The Trouble with Prophets" by Karen Thorpe (Fall 2003, Issue 11)

2002 Nominees

"Advocations" by Ida Fasel   (Spring 2002)
"For My John of the Cross" by Olivia Diamond  (Spring 2002)
"God Emeritus" by Kevin Stuart Brodie  (Spring 2002)
"Life-Sized Stations of the Cross" by Erin E. Tocknell  (Spring 2002)
"Fairytales and Dustballs" by M.J. King  (Fall 2002)
"Finding Your Song" by Judith F. Bullock  (Fall 2002)

2001 Nominees

"Two Sparrows" by Robert Leo Stanley
"Requiem" by Robert Karl Meyer II
"Cicadae" by Lucinda Lawson
"I Would Not Disobey God" by Kevin Stuart Brodie
"Elisha’s Room" by Rob Carraway
"After the Marvelous Healing" by Walt McDonald

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