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  • Skylar Hamilton Burris

A Parable of Women

A Parable of Women: Poems by Philip C. Kolin Yazoo River Press, © 2009

ISBN 0-9723224-5-0

A Parable of Women offers up the poetic perspectives of both modern and ancient women, largely unnamed. These are women who persevere, wrestling with the human pangs of loneliness, betrayal, longing, lust, and loss.

Written in free verse, these poems make ample use of alliteration. Occasionally I wished for more cadence, to be swept up into the rhythm of the poetry, but the volume always managed to hold my attention. The poet makes uses of such intriguing images as “women sewn into the frocks of childbirth.”

My favorite poem from the collection was “Hagar’s Lament,” which offers us a powerful look at the heart of a woman turned out of her home and left to rest on the promises of God. Also especially moving was “Over Coffee,” the raw story of a woman aching from a failing marriage.

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