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  • Walt McDonald

After the Marvelous Healing

This poem previously appeared in Issue 7 (Fall 2001) of Ancient Paths.

After the Marvelous Healing by Walt McDonald

Luke 5:25

His fists shook, his bent legs bound with cloth, hemp ropes around both bandaged feet – a local cripple begging kept alive. And now this simple insult like a threat, a twisted joke Take up your bed and walk, blasphemy like a whip on the poor man’s back. Here, we scolded to save him from blind faith worse than stripes.

Years later, stiff and feeble ourselves, our feet reeking of dust and camel dung, what could we tell others, stunned by taxes and old friends dying. I still hear the sigh when he sat suddenly up and stood, and all leaped up and stared at this cripple shouting and leaping into light.

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