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  • John F. Zurn

Every Trial Is Grace

My thoughts feel cold and cracked today like brittle autumn leaves. My heart dries up and I’m afraid, and life is misery. My mind projects so many fears; I’m paralyzed and broken. Alone within my grim despair, I wander through emotion.

My hopes fade into memory, and faith creates no peace. Now courage is the only thing that brings my soul relief. Each day is like the one before, and every dream is crushed. I seek to find an open door, so God and love will come.

But then a calm, at last, returns, and tensions pass away. If God asks patience, I will serve, and He will lead the way. Suffering and wisdom come, no matter what I face. Courage leads to joy and love, and every trial is grace.

Published on the Ancient Paths Facebook page on May 25, 2019.

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