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  • by Catherine Zickgraf

While He Was Knitting You Together

—for Rajan Cloud and his Momma, 2016

All that time, you were in God’s mind. He knew you were coming before your Momma did. Still He knew her soul longed for a you. And there you were, so busy growing.

Your little heart and its secret pumping still had so much work to do. You were folded in your mother, hidden inside her, as God has carried her throughout her life.

What she wants for you now, such a precious blessing, is that you never doubt you were made in love. You are precious to so many who miss you yet who know in Heaven they’ll hold you again.

But for now we are grateful that you have come to know the God who has always known and loved you.

Published on the Ancient Paths Facebook page, May 11, 2019

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