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  • Deborah Guzzi

Maundy Thursday

Published on the Ancient Paths Facebook page April 18, 2019

A thought emanates from within gray-matter. See how the head cocks, first one side then the other. No recourse, fear, far or near makes mind chatter, constantly searching for fathers or mothers.

Anxiety plagues the faint of heart, eyes downcast, they fear a forward gaze, downcast like Lucifer for they are faithless. The light of morning surpassed. What chance do they have in the role Judas suffered?

In their failure, mankind mirrors an ordained role, giving each of us a choice of paths, a way to shine. Earthly warriors, we rise; the way is near, behold. Self-determination once focused is divine.

Life presents the cusp upon which we find the Grail step forward with blessed heart, remove this earthly veil.

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