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A Tribute to Our Front-Line Heroes

by Douglas J. Lanzo

From medical student to retiree, Gathering all across the country, To confront a threat to our nation, Each accepting a front-line station;

In a war against an insidious threat, Attacking our way of life and social net, Invisible to the eye, but full of danger, Seeking to turn neighbor into stranger; They work tirelessly day and night, Delivering life-saving care despite, Critical lack of protective gear, Creating unnecessary stress and fear; They provide comfort to those in pain, Breaths of life to help sustain, Lungs damaged and inflamed, Before precious life is claimed; They triage - delivering care, First to those who most need prayer, Offering hope, uplifting souls, Playing complex, multiple roles: Doctor, counselor, medic, nurse, Providing succor regardless of purse, Thrust onto the world stage - Without a chance to rehearse.

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