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  • K. L. Johnston


by K. L. Johnston

And God created the absurd.

On which day?

Was it with a camel and a flamingo?

Or the cat that overstepped and said, “I meant to do that”.

When did He slide in the quirks and kinks?

the oddities and whimsies…

bed head, the three-year-old’s happy dance,

the person who ate the first oyster and why that,

and the incredible perfume of purple heliotrope.

On the sixth day,

when did He pour into the mix the play of thought?

Palindrome (“Madama I am Adam”)

Pun, repartee, paradox, and wit,

double entendre,

ego and self-deprecation.

Oh, there are three things that forever remain,

But for a fourth give me His sense of humor.

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