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Do Not Dismiss Me

by Wendy Jean MacLean

Mary says:

Do not dismiss me gently, my Joseph I cannot hold my secret in the folds of my gown. The life growing in me refuses to be hidden. God calls out through the walls of my womb: Rejoice!

You dream in the darkness, Joseph, of the lineage of David. Sons and kings and shepherds father the word of God in fields and temple Women servants of God sing the story to sleepy children. The word of God is heard at table, at cradle, at heart. You know the story, my Joseph. Why do you refuse to let me play a part? Do not dismiss me gently. There is no disgrace in exposing the fierce word of God coming to life in my body. We must risk the grace of trusting angels to give us direction Sleep, my Joseph, do not dismiss me gently, Emmanuel, God is with us.

Joseph says:

Mary, girl, when I met you, I knew my life was complete. In the way you laugh, the way your headdress slips back, to reveal your shining hair, I knew the blessing: This woman will be everything for me: a wife to cherish, a mother to my sons a grandmother for her people.

Mary, girl, I expected to wait for the joy of the warmth of your skin on mine. And now you say: You are carrying a child. Mary, girl, when I met you, I knew my life was complete. Did we expect the strange curse of our people’s past would be lifted and turned to glory in your womb? My life is not my own. It is complete only as I am your husband, an old man, to foster the child of life itself, Emmanuel, God is with us our life is complete together in God growing, and turning us into parents.

Originally published on the Ancient Paths Facebook page on December 16, 2019.

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