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  • Kathleen McCoy

Giving Thanks at Morningside

by Kathleen McCoy

For the pinecone strumpets

plumping their wicker bed,

the fireplace stuffed with insulation,

pensive bricks towering in silence

and recombinant Marian images,

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our

Lady of the Sacred Breasts,

for with them come the soaring ceilings,

wooded vistas, partridge, black snake,

toad, bullfrog, monarch, moth, black fly,

wobbling fawn, lumbering moose,

the forest’s flutes trilling on the breeze,

and more than these—the folks

I’ve yearned to speak with—Catherine’s

in from Siena with Merton, John of the Cross,

Meister Eckhart, Simone Weil, Dorothy Day,

Oscar Romero, Dorothy Stang—gratitude

for a procession of luminaries humble enough

to wait upon their appointed shelves

to change another world.

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