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  • Darlene Moore Berg

His Coming: a Pregnant Perspective

by Darlene Moore Berg

~First Trimester~

Spin— life turns around light-headed new life begins. Never the same dream an expectant hope forms. A fullness in the breasts guarding the heart. Spew out concerns, anxiety sip an herbal tisane— let peace reign.

~Second Trimester~

Like a sparrow cupped in hands wings fluttering to be free I feel a brief beating deep in the lower abdomen. Lets me know— he is there. I am aware of a rounding form to my body inhabited with an other and I am known by him.

~Third Trimester~

A foot probes its confines, kicks a rib, my hand held at my side. A head knocks on the pelvic floor, turns a somersault, twists back around comes to ground. I pat his backside, laugh at his hiccups. I swell with delight. Soon he comes tearing into the world — embodied Love.

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