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  • Rev. Nate Berneking


by Rev. Nate Berneking

On the night Jesus gave himself

I heard my own voice say

When someone dropped a coffee mug in the corridor,

When Joe,

An elderly man, rattled his phlegm,

When just three rows from the front,

The man and woman I’d only just met,

Began to weep,

Her quietly

He in a shaking heap

Like sanctus bells signaling

An encounter.

He took bread, gave thanks, broke it

And, shared it with his disciples, saying

Take, eat

I continued to speak

But, my voice grew faint,

As the heart of the cosmos

Made its steady beat known

In the sounds of the space

Shattering ceramics

Coughs and snorts

And one deep, heaving sob

All of us


Blessed, Broken, Given.

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