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  • Bryce Christensen


by Bryce Christensen

"The vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed . . . ”

- Isaiah 29:11

“ . . . and the books were opened . . . “

- Revelation 20:12

Like spines of books arrayed along a shelf, the stones

That mark mute graves conceal dense texts, now closed

To eyes half-blind to trials that life imposed

On souls who wrote their names on pages shown

To no one, blinder still to what they’ve known

Since death, to Purgatory’s pains exposed,

Their earthy cries to godly chants transposed.

Grim tombs become dumb tomes, their authors prone.

But Easter dawn’s a promise: graveyard books

Will open, chapter after chapter spill

Their secrets into view, long hidden things

At last break open to inquiring looks:

Enigmas bound to lie in silence ‘til,

They’re read aloud by lectors riding wings.

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