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  • K.D. Taylor

Magen David (On Psalm 18)

By K.D. Taylor

Shelter and shield and battlefield

I feared I was to die.

I called to Adonai.

His answer made the earth around me quake.

He thundered from His throne

The voice of Ha’Elyon.

I saw the skies above me start to shake.

I heard the breakers squall,

The floods of B’liya’al.

I saw before me laid the snares of death.

But He laid bare to me

The channels of the sea,

When from His nostrils came the blast of breath.

Heaven and earth converged.

The flood of filth was purged.

I saw the power of His hand revealed.

And I was braced with strength.

My steps increased in length,

With His menorah on my golden shield.

And with His rightful crown,

North, south, east, west, up, down,

I knew were ruled by Him, from first to last.

And from His mouth and nose

A fire and smoke arose;

A keruv was His ride through clouds amassed.

The sign of seven stood

Upon my shield for good,

And Micha’el called angels forth to arms.

Then all his host, arrayed

For battle, rushed to aid,

Undaunted by the din of war’s alarms.

And as the cause was just,

Our enemies like dust

Were pulverized, our adversaries bent,

And all the hostile swarm

Was scattered by the storm,

Until the heavens drained and skies were spent.

I felt His wings enfold.

My shield, my own stronghold,

My shelter and my refuge, took me in.

My tower in the strife,

His power saved my life.

And He displays His grace by every win.

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