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  • Linda Watson Owen

My Power Within

by Linda Watson Owen

Look at Me, Child. Look here into My Eyes. Feel Holy Hands on yours, and realize the pain and fear that grips your shivering soul is weaker than My Power to make you Whole.

Look here into My Face. I Am your God. All things you fear are naught but earth and sod. The storms that strike are under My command. They, like you, are held within My Hands.

Turn not away in panicked, Godless fright. I Am the Maker of your Day and Night. Rise up, and keep your eyes on Mine alone, though flesh is weak and is to trembling prone.

See, I have gathered every breath you take. I made your soul to live for Goodness sake. Now, do you think that I have hid My Face and cast My child into a senseless place?

Rise up! Come stand in confidence once more. You know I Am the Way, the Truth, the Door! Though earthly glee and comfort seem to flee, you have My Strength through all Eternity.

Be Holy. See this world through Heaven’s eyes. Be Wise, and listen not to serpent lies. Be Bold, and walk the waves of terror’s din. Be Confident, and trust My Power within!

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