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  • Martha Mazza

Penetrating Light

poem and photo by Martha Mazza

Oh, Shine Your Light on me! Reach to the deepest Parts of my soul, The inner sanctum.

Bring to light What is hidden In its pleated crevices,

Allow Your love To dwell In those spaces, Cultivating my soul To understand The depths Of Your adoring love,

Not through my mind, But by my soul knowing, Knowing the rise and fall Of Your breath, Knowing the rhythm Of Your heartbeat, Knowing the timbre Of Your whisper,

I need Your Light To rescue me In the delicacies Of day to day Living,

Your design For my life, The perfect Petal & bloom Of Creation,

As the struggles Of sanctification Develop deep Impressions, Molding my soul Joyfully To You, All for the display Of Your glory

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