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  • Jonathan Wright

Running with the J's

by Jonathan Wright

The wind-churned sea with leaps and peaks and lively twisting twirls, moves to the fancy float and tune of a thousand dancing girls. It spills and glints quicksilver-like and glimmers seascape green, as the tips of tall white sails appear in the distant hazy sheen. Soon the masts are bearing down; keel slicing water through. This mighty, splendid sailing boat holds to her course so true. Tell-tails flying straight as dyes, she takes the centre-stage; her sleek hull lulls the wilding sea and dulls its noble rage. As fabric flaps and halyards clap, she eases back from heeling; She tacks her graceful bow away, with wind from canvas peeling. Sails spill the wind then fill again and shape like soaring wings and through the surf she flows, she goes; her rigging loudly sings. On the track of her new tack, she planes the raw emotion of the frenzied foaming, frothing sea, graceful in her motion. She charges, cutting up the waves and carves the ocean blue. Through wind-blown swirls like dancing girls; a ‘J’ class and her crew.

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