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  • Deana Culberson Johnson

The Difference in Mothers and Fathers

by Deana Culberson Johnson

You didn’t carry him

Heavy, protruding middle

The wait and weight between creation and life.

So how can you understand?

As he drifts farther away from me,

He achieves the goal of becoming a man.

You didn’t feel his heartbeat joining with yours or sing to him before he was born.

You didn’t hide him like a secret

Afraid even to breathe

Witness of a miracle

That mothers are destined to receive.

In my womb, he was knit together, God forming his substance and

Authoring his life’s chapters.

You were on the outside,

But my body was the sustaining link

As I waited to feel him move

Brief flutters of butterfly wings.

Then, I felt pain

Ebbing and flowing until the first cry

But today an ache that persists.

In the beginning, he was mine to hold.

Now, he fades into the distance

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