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  • Sam Hickford

The Human Tower

by Sam Hickford

in imagined memory of Josep Sala, casteller, died of COVID-19

There were more convenient ways to reach the sky. You chose this as your personal flight. a moment of pillared ecstasy. Attaining this, you immediately felt yourself unable to stand as the tower crumbled predictably, as was intended, or foreseen. You returned to the mass of flailing limbs, as your body found its natural dance, then toppled to the earth. Had you been a little more than human, if only, sadness would have attacked like an armada. Luckily, you had learnt to relish the pinnacle, or apex, as the ephemeral moment everyone truly knows it to be. When you toppled fatally, you embraced the swarms of dead more gracefully. You had spent your whole life falling upwards.

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