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  • Ray Ziemer

The Journey

by Ray Ziemer

Let’s say Fatherhood is a river journey.

Let’s say you push away from the shore and

into the current,

bearing your child with you down the stream.

Regardless of the craft,

canoe, kayak, or raft,

it’s your job to safely negotiate

Rocks, rapids and shoals,

Your duty to handle the dangerous eddies

and perilous currents.

With the wind at your back

There’ll be days of near effortless sailing.

Other times you’ll face headwinds

that batter and slash.

You’ll teach your child skills and you’ll help them to know

All the strokes that you’ve learned in your years on the water.

You will work your way ever downriver with teamwork.

You’re in charge, though – estas capitan! – never doubt.

You have your own style,

You are honest and true and

you can’t hide your frailties anyway.

Be yourself as you are

let that truth be your legacy.

Don’t lose any headway

with struggles for power

Don’t flounder over failures

Of language and thought.

All in good time you can cede some authority,

give over responsibility.

Meanwhile, have fun.

It’s supposed to be fun!

Share it, then, share the fun,

savor the cruise.

Let’s say the journey continues

and you steer the best course

As the river rolls on

To the sea.

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