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  • Amirah Al Wassif

Without a Time Machine

by Amirah Al Wassif

Time is our own invention. No need to calculate hours, seconds, days, and years. God didn't create the calendar. He just put an endless sky giving us hopes to reach it. We crowded in each corner stretching our hands like beggars.

The sun was too close. She kept watching. The moon waved and laughed. The other universes played hide and seek. We run into the wide forest seeking wings and light. We found language. We didn't know how it works? Moving our tongues and lips in a helpless way. Nothing came out. We tried pressing on and on. Nothing came out. Not a word.

We squeezed the upper bottom of our souls. Nothing happened. After billions of years, we decided to call things by its name. If we feel hungry, we say it is lunchtime. If lust knocks on our inner door, we say let's have sex.

If we feel lonely, we announce an urgent working meeting. If we feel scared we write books and make movies. If we feel bored, we invent other public holidays.

Our fellow animals grew smaller. We entered them into cages and prisons. No cell is big enough to endure our grief. God didn't create clocks and stopwatches, we just invent a brilliant way to smooth ourselves slowly.

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